July 9, 2012

I know I haven't been posting much, and I'm not going to apologize. I'm busy and I don't have time. I will try to post more often on this blog. Meanwhile, I do post my anger on Twitter, so head over there. 

For now, I have a challenge for GO Transit.

My biggest beef (but we all know, not the only one) with GO Transit, is their lack of communication and the way they dance around the truth.

Let's start with Performance Rating. They're so-called 95% on-time rating is bullshit. To be fair, each trip should have it's own rating. Let's face it, most of us take the same train every day. I, for instance, take the 07:01 LSE from Union to Ajax. The fact that the 10:52 is on time all the time makes no difference to me. I never EVER take it. I want to know how many times MY train is delayed. Lumping all the rides into one statistic gives a false reading, implying that 95% of the 07:01 trips are on time when we all know that's not the case. 

So, GO Transit, give me THOSE statistics. If you want to talk the talk and brag about your 95% rating, then let's be real about it. Tell me how MY train is doing and tell everyone else how THEIR train is doing.

Or are you too ashamed to face the truth?

March 6, 2012

I saw the most awesome thing this morning!!!

We're driving through the parking lot, behind a black mini-van. The black mini-van turns left, and I assume that it's going to follow the path down the lot to a parking spot.

But no.

The van drives straight into a metal pole. Hits it so damn hard that the pole is knocked out of its concrete cone.

As we drive by, I take a look at the driver and I'm not surprised. She's blond. And I hope to hell she's also drunk, because if she's not, her driving skills are really pathetic. Or perhaps she's one of those people who found their driver's license in a box of Shreddies.

We're laughing our heads off, carrying on down the lot (cuz there's no flippin' way I'm staying to see how that scene turns out) and this yahoo parks his car in a non-parking spot...one of those spaces with the cross-hatch lines through it. It's clearly not a parking space. And there are clearly other spaces available. The lot is not full at this point.

I wanted to shout out the window: Hey, asshole! There's a vacant spot back there...you just have to wait for the pole to be moved. But then, I figured he's probably retarded. God knows he's at least blind. Maybe he's related to the blond chick.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am now a statistic.

I got into a shouting match with an asshole this morning.  Well...he was shouting.  I was calmly calling him an asshole.

There was the usual scrum at the doors, and this cocksucker decides that he's more important than the rest of us and positions himself in the middle of the scrum, by-passing everyone at the back.  When the train arrives, he pushes his way through; even cuts off a girl in front of me. Sadly, she backs down and lets him in.

Not me. As though you'd be surprised by that.

"Asshole," I say, loud enough for him to hear. I want to call him out and make him step back.

No response.

"You're being an asshole," I say, louder.

Again, no response.

So I push his arm to get his attention. Before I can call him out and tell him to get to the back like everyone else, he whirls around and shouts "Why did you shove me?!"

"Because you're being an asshole," I say, keeping my voice calm. "You butt in front of everyone else."

"I did not!" He shouts. "There was no queue."

I laugh at him. He's obviously a simple man and has a low IQ. "Yes there was," I say, "and you cut in front of everyone else."

"No I didn't," he shouts, "there was no queue."

Behind me, a man says, very loudly, "Yes there was. And you cut in front of everyone. We all saw it."

I turn and flash a brilliant smile at my knight in shining armor. Man, he was cute.

Buddy changes his story now. "Everyone is butting in."

No, actually, they aren't.  Just rude pricks like you butt in. But I didn't say that.

As we walked into the train, he kept going on and on and on. Through the doors, up the landing, up the stairs to the second level. Kept going on and on about how I shoved him. I was getting tired of his ranting. He had no defense, no argument; just kept asking me why I shoved him.

We're at the top of the stairs, now, on the second level. He stops and turns to me.

"Why did you shove me?" he asks. Several people turn to watch.

"Because you were being an asshole," I say.

"Yeah? Well...you were being a FUCKING asshole." Oh. Good one. What are you, ten?

I smile. "I didn't use that word."

Oddly, he didn't have a response for that. He just huffed at me and went and sat down.

Don't. Fuck. With. Me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I didn't go to work yesterday, so I missed the first day of GO Transit FuckUpAlooza. And thank the gods for that, cuz if the text messages I received are any indication, I stayed home on the right day.

As most of you know, by now, Ajax GO Station is under construction. The most recent phase is to install a pedestrian tunnel from the platform. When it's done, it will be a good thing. But, until then, we get to deal with half a platform. This will likely take a year to complete.

Oh joy.

Oh bliss.

The one and only good thing that has come of this is the security. This morning, as I came up the escalator, my heart sang out! At the top of the stairs was a yellow-clad security guard, ensuring that the doorway was clear, and no one was blocking the exit.


It was all I could do to keep from doing my Happy Dance. This construction thing may not be so bad, after all.

Primping on the Train

When I went to add the previous post to Twitter, I saw this gem from @GOTrainHate:

[Video was removed. Damn!]

Let me tell you what it was...

Some dizzy bitch is blow drying...ACTUALLY BLOW DRYING!!...her hair on the GO Train, using the window as a mirror. The people around her don't even seem to be reacting.

I'd have to be pretty fucking drunk to do this. I have cajones, but they're not big enough to pull that off.

Wow. And I get upset when people put on make-up. Clearly I need to set the bar a little higher.

Edit: RonNasty pointed out to me that the video has now been removed. That's funny, really. I only saw it a few hours ago. This says to me that everyone (quite possibly including the 'director') knew that was wrong on so many levels.

January 31, 2012

We arrive at Union Station. I walk down the stairs and join the queue. I'm standing on the mid-level, right below the stairs. There is a man in front of me and line of people to the door. Some guy stands right behind me. So close that I can't move without touching him. He has a newspaper open and he's reading.

Now, I know that my pesonal space is quite large and I have issues with strangers touching me. But this guy was all up in my face. Or ass, if you will. I kept glancing back but he wouldn't back off.

The queue moves and we're standing at the doorway. He follows right behind me, stepping on my heels. I look back. Give him the evil eye.

When I turn back...and we're still waiting for the doors to open...Bubba has the nerve...the fucking nerve!...to press his fat belly up against me.

I just about hurled. I turned around and glared at him. He just looked at me as if to say "What? You want a piece of this?"

No sir, I do NOT want a piece of you. I can't imagine anyone does.

"Back off!" I said, loud enough for everyone to hear. "Fucker."

January 23, 2012

That's it! I've had enough!!

I'm riding up the escalator this morning. I can see there is a crowd at the top of the stairs. A woman, just behind me and to my right, tripped on the escalator because there wasn't enough room for her to step off.

There wasn't enough room because the landing was crowded with stupid people. Stupid lemmings who were funnelling through the ONE door that was open. Is everyone so mentally challenged that they can't even push the door open?

But the lemmings weren't the entire reason for the crowding.

There were two ditsy bitches standing at the top of the narrow stairwell, peering through the glass wall, waiting for the 7:01. Why are you are you standing there? Global warming has taken over and it is downright balmy today...8°C so says the weather man. It is NOT cold outside. And if you think it is, maybe you should dress better for the weather. It is January, after all. It tends to cool down a little this time of year.

GO Transit needs to get on the ball and monitor the stairwells. Tell people to get the fuck outside.  The shelters along the platform are there for a reason. If commuters don't want to stand outside like the rest of us, then they can drive to work.

Don't kid yourself, GO Transit. If someone is injured because the stairwell was crowded, you will be found negligent. And everyone who has been injured in the past will come forward. God, I love the smell of a class-action in the morning!